ThinkBar is the result of three entrepreneurial marketers searching for a remote work space that offered office amenities in a flexible and casual work environment.


As freelancers who enjoy the freedom to work from home, we often found ourselves working from coffee shops to break out of solo-work isolation but then lacked the tools we needed to be 100% productive. 

We each had this idea. We wanted to create a comfortable, casual and inspiring place where we could be productive, make new connections and collaborate with peers. We knew how it would look. We knew how it would work. We knew the perfect location. We just needed to meet each other. And we did.


We are three small business entrepreneurs who found each other while searching for convenient and efficient places to work and meet clients that weren't our guest room (makeshift office) or our living room (excuse the kids and dogs) or that table in the corner at Julia's Cafe. (By the way...we LOVE Julia's • Amazing sandwiches!)  


Circumstances are certainly not what we imagined they would be months ago when the ThinkBar concept was born. Though the COVID-19 crisis has wreaked havoc on everyone in nearly every way, we pushed through our doubts and the uncertainty and bet on ourselves. We are excited to open our doors and start building the ThinkBar Community one eager professional at a time.




Daily, weekly or long-term

flexible workspaces


Access to private call room


Printer, scanner, fax


Wireless charging stations

Complimentary Wi-Fi


Conference room access

Collaborative work environment


AV/video conference ability

Coffee, water & snacks